With two back to back victories this Saturday, Arias Deukmedjian is once again excelling far above and beyond his racing peers and has become the “driver to beat” in every race category he participates in. 

“…Shinning on the day was KartSport North America / Kart Republic driver Arias Deukmedjian continuing on what he did in Round Two with a double victory today.

Deukmedjian’s first victory on the day came in the Haase Karts KA100 Senior division. Qualifying was the only blemish on his scorecard for the day, missing out on fast time by 17 thousandths with point leader Hannah Greenemeier (RPG / Kosmic) setting the quick lap. Deukmedjian took over the lead on lap 2 of the Prefinal and led to the red flag with two laps remaining. The main event was also cut short by five laps, but Arias led the entire distance until the red flag came out for an incident toward the tail end of the field. Deukmedjian was able to get away to a solid lead early as they battle for the second spot behind him…” –SKUSA Official News

These victories only help to further solidify his position as the top go-kart racer in the country and current national champion. As a recent driver profile in BVM Sports put it:

The track is set for the final race and Arias Deukmedjian, along with 40 other drivers from around the world are steering their go karts around the final corner, all eyes on the race official to raise the green flag signaling the start of the race. Although Arias is only 15 years old, he holds the title of “national champion” having defeated drivers twice his age and experience…

His greatest accomplishments so far are he is currently ranked number 1 in the EKN TaG Driver Ranking for Pro Series Professional Level for U.S., Canada, and Mexico for 2020. He has managed to outscore and beat out the driver from Orlando who has held the title for four years, with only one race remaining.”

You can read the rest of this excellent driver profile on the BVM sports website by clicking here.